Keynote is Awesome. Here’s Why

I’ve been using Powerpoint(PPT) all my life until a few year ago when I got my first Macbook Pro. I met Keynote then and we’ve been best friends since.

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In South Korea, almost everyone uses a Windows computer and the people who have Macbooks usually get glances from other people at the coffee shop. It’s that rare to see someone with a Macbook and usually those who have it are seen as either a developer, a designer, or well hella rich.

I was one of the common folks and with a Windows computer, naturally I would use PPT for my presentations. I wasn’t all bad and I would sometimes download templates off from the internet, tweek them a bit, and give pretty decent presentation. But that all changed once I got my first Macbook Pro and downloaded Keynote.

  1. Its easier to select component by dragging your mouse
Image Captured from Keynote App (Korean Version)

We’ve all been there with PPT. We have a graph, several text boxes, and a few images so we drag our mouse over to select them all and always one of them doesn’t get selected. So we have to drag our mouse way over everything to get everything properly selected. Sometimes when we do this, some objects we didn’t want to selected get selected instead. And so the dragging continues.

With Keynote, when you drag to select multiple objects, it gets it right. No missing out some objects and hardly ever selecting things you didn’t want. Although this might sound as nit-picking, it’s actually pretty important for anyonoe who constantly has to make PPT reports.

2. Its color selection is diverse, better, and easier to select

Image Captured from Keynote App (Korean Version)

In most cases PPT’s default colors aren’t used. When you insert an image such as a circle or square, the color and borders are all…well not so nice. And so you have to select a different type of color but PPT doesn’t give a lot of options. Most of the time I would have to type up a color in Google, find its color code, and type it in to find the color I wanted.

Keynote not only gives relatively nice colors, the choices of colors it provides is diverse and also very nice to look at. It also has an awesome option of being able to copy whatever color you have on your Keynote page. So if you drag and drop an image you think has a nice color, you can copy the color from the image and use it on other things such as your background color.

3. Controlling layers is so much easier

Image Captured from Keynote App (Korean Version)

In PPT, when I had multiple images or charts, I would always have to select ‘move back’ or ‘move forward’ to create the proper layer of components I wanted. Sometimes my texts would vanish behind some images and I would struggle to try and get those texts back in front.

With Keynote, it shows all your components in a list on your left side where you can drag which component you want to be in front and that you want in the back. It’s easy and intuitive and I almost always seem to be using it when I make a document.

4. The options for each component is customized and easy to access

Image Captured from Keynote App (Korean Version)

For PPT, options for each component would have to be reached by going up to your tool bar and finding the right tab. It would be tedious and sometimes confusing as it takes some time to find the right tab.

For Keynote, for every component you select, whether its a text, an image, or a chart, customized options always appear on the right side of your screen. Each option is different for the component you selected and has nearly everything you need. For example, for texts you would be able to quickly change the size, font, and style and for images you can swiftly change the color, border, and transparency.

I remember an interview where Steve Jobs says Apple concentrates on trying to make the best product they can. Although what he said might be a bit controversial for some products Apple makes nowadays, Keynote is one software that I feel exceeds all expectations.

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