Disney vs Netflix. Who Do You Think Will Win?

Disney + was launched a few months ago and its user base has soared. The question is will it beat Netflix?

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Disney+ has been putting out some great content with the Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’ met with great applause and a large variety of Marvel Series coming out soon. Disney has also withdrawn all of its content on Netflix and providing it exclusively to subscribers of Disney +. The time when we watched Marvel movies on Netflix is long gone.

So is the end of Netflix slowly but surely dawning? I personally don’t think so. But as time passes, Disney+ has the potential of becoming a very strong competitor.

  1. Disney’s content is just too good
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Disney has been creating movies for a long time. But not just ordinary movies. Good movies. They seem to have found out the equation of what makes a movie enjoyable and keeps printing out these high quality movies as if it was easy.

Not only that but with the Marvel movies, they’ve found out how to create a series of movies that creates a strong and loyal fan base. By interlinking movies together, they’ve created a type of content that encaptures old fans and at the same time invokes curiosity for new comers. They applied it first to the Marvel universe and we can see that they are slowly applying it to Star Wars as well.

Netflix is also creating some high quality content but some movies aren’t as successful as one may have hoped and they certainly haven’t been able to provide a series of strong interconnected content like the Marvel series.

2. Disney isn’t restricted to just streaming

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When we think of Netflix, we typically think of a streaming service. But when we think of Disney we think of Disney World, the goods they sell, and also the various games that are based off of their movies. Disney provides so much more than just a streaming service and there is a more diverse range of connecting points. The points can eventually lead to more people subscribing to Disney+.

For example, you may go on a trip to Disney World and your daughter gets hooked on Elsa from the movie Frozen. When you get back home, you’ll probably be pestered by your daughter to subscribe to Disney+ so she can see Elsa all the time, anytime. For Netflix on the other hand, there’s a certain lack of these connecting points compared to Disney.

3. People’s are consuming more than one streaming service

It may be due to the advent of Corona virus and it forcing us to stay at home all the time, but more people are consuming more than one streaming service. A single person may be subscribed to Netflix but at the same time watch Amazon Prime Video as well.

What this means is that people who are already subscribed to Netflix and accustomed to streaming services will probably also subscribe to Disney+ as well. This creates an opening for Disney to widen its audience and if you consider the above 2 points, those who started subscribing to Disney+ may start to watch it more often than Netflix.

Netflix is also creating some awesome content in various countries and what it is doing differently from Disney is that it is strongly localizing the content it is creating in each country. For example, in South Korea, it has created the series ‘Kingdom’ which stars Korean actors and is also directed by a Korean directors. Disney concentrates on creating American movies that are globally loved while Netflix seems to localize its content to the nation it is targeting.

I don’t think that just because Disney+ becomes more popular that people will stop watching Netflix altogether. Disney still has the disadvantage of not localizing and also solely showing content that was created by Disney. However, Netflix will have to move swiftly to maintain the dominant status it has today.

Note: This is just my perosonal prediction and I’m curious to see how things unravel. If anyone has a different view feel free to share!

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