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Tesla stocks are rocketing into space and just with the mention of Apple making their own cars has created a stir in the market. Smart cars may be the next big thing. But then who’s going to create the next operaing system for these cars?

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The advent of the smartphone back in the early 2000s created a huge change in the market that we once knew. Entire ecosystems started to arise as companies that created apps started to receive huge investments as well as handle a sea of customers. With this change, a paradigm shift occured where the once dominant Microsoft started to lose power as Google and Apple started to gain leverage with the widespread use of Android and IOS. …

Disney + was launched a few months ago and its user base has soared. The question is will it beat Netflix?

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Photo from article written by Alex Kane

Disney+ has been putting out some great content with the Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’ met with great applause and a large variety of Marvel Series coming out soon. Disney has also withdrawn all of its content on Netflix and providing it exclusively to subscribers of Disney +. The time when we watched Marvel movies on Netflix is long gone.

So is the end of Netflix slowly but surely dawning? I personally don’t think so. …

* This blog is mainly written for personal reminding purposes. It’s a list of books I’ve read starting from September 2018 and will be continuosly updated as time goes.*

47. “사장의 마음" by 김일도(Korean) — Jan 2021

This book’s author talks about himself, as an owner of a small franchise of restraurants, and the various harhships and difficult tasks he had to face. The franchise isn’t huge like Mcdonalds but it seems he owns a small number of restaurants. As a product manager who is trying to create a service that helps these small/medium sized restaurants, the book was very interesting as it opened a window into the hardships and concerns these owners had. Although the book talks about a wide variety of subjects, a point I particularly remember is how scarred this owner had become after opening his restaurant. He had to endure constant customer rudeness, watch countless of his employees leave, and make ends meet financially. …

You gotta know more to make more.

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Everyone wants to make better products. This goes for nearly any job in the world although the product may vary depending on the career of chooice. For a chef, the output would be the food they put out. For a software engineer, it could be the code they write or the software they made. For a product manager it would be the product they created. Everyone wants to be make something good. But in order to make something good, you need to know all about that particular ‘something’.

In the case of a chef, if you look at the pros, I mean the real professionals, they seem to know everything you can think of about food. They know about various cooking techniques, spices, vegetables, and other kitchen tools. They’ve tried thousands of different menus, researched about other talented chefs, and keep up to date about the trends of food. Their input regarding their field is so high that if you ask them a question about food, you would probably get a reply that is much more than what you asked for. …

Kpop has become extremely popular thanks to BTS and Black Pink. But these are just a few idol groups who represent South Korea. Let me tell you about a few Korean hiphop artists.

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From ‘The Korea Herald’

I love music. I love listening to it while I drive, walk, and from time to time, vacuum the house. I’ve actually been making music since highschool and the genre I fell in love with was hip hop. I’ve been listening to it ever since. True, as I’ve gotten older some songs that I loved to hear back when I was younger are…well hard to listen to now. …

It might be for reasons that aren’t so obvious

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Why in the world are we still reading printed books? They’re heavy, more expensive, and take up so much space. With the advent of ebooks, all you need is a tablet and you can practically carry around a library. Yet people are still reading printed books and by a surprising amount.

There are various papers and blogs about why people are still buying print books. I wanted to share some personal reasons why I believe people are still reading printed books.

  1. Printed Books: You can see and also feel your progress

I’ve been using Powerpoint(PPT) all my life until a few year ago when I got my first Macbook Pro. I met Keynote then and we’ve been best friends since.

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Photo from envatotuts+

In South Korea, almost everyone uses a Windows computer and the people who have Macbooks usually get glances from other people at the coffee shop. It’s that rare to see someone with a Macbook and usually those who have it are seen as either a developer, a designer, or well hella rich.

I was one of the common folks and with a Windows computer, naturally I would use PPT for my presentations. I wasn’t all bad and I would sometimes download templates off from the internet, tweek them a bit, and give pretty decent presentation. …

There are so many books and blogs on how to be a good product manager. But so few have realistic, pratical advice.

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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Most of the blogs and books I read about how to become a better product manager discuss skills such as ‘communication’ and ‘trust’. They say you, as the product manager, have to lead your team through hardship and make the hard decisions. But as a junior product manger, a lot of this advice seem abstract and not very practical. …

There’s a lot of information out there about how to use the python ‘Pandas’ library but most of it is scattered about. This blog organized my Top 10 most frequently used ones.

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  1. Export DF to excel

In various occasions data analysts have to export dataframes to a familiar format so other teammates can see what you’ve been working on. As excel is mostly used, this snippet can easily change your dataframe to an excel format.

2. Export DF to csv


Pretty similar to excel but this downloads the file to a csv format.

3. Export DF to excel but making each file name unique by adding downloaded time to file…

Concepts of SQL organized in a Q&A format

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  1. What is DBMS?

A Database Management System (DBMS) is a program that controls creation, maintenance and use of a database. DBMS can be termed as File Manager that manages data in a database rather than saving it in file systems.

2. What is RDBMS?

RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. RDBMS store the data into the collection of tables, which is related by common fields between the columns of the table. It also provides relational operators to manipulate the data stored into the tables.

3. What are tables and Fields?

A table is a set of data that are organized in a model with Columns and Rows. Columns can be categorized as vertical, and Rows are horizontal. A table has specified number of column called fields but can have any number of rows which is called record. …

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